Robert W. Schneider
S.D.C. Stage Director/Coach/Lecturer
Robert is an accomplished actor/director/coach and lecturer. His work spans from acting in film and theatre, to stage direction (Regional and Off-Broadway), to classroom lectures in such prestigious universities as Penn State.

Robert needed a new website that was vibrant and young but classic and neutral enough to showcase the differing styles of direction he is known for. This provided some great chances to grow his brand and use some vibrant color that's anchored by classic textures and Futura inspired fonts.

Here's some of the stuff I used to make this whole site happen:
Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML and CSS (by hand mind you, I used Dreamweaver to help close up tags and a basic visual overview), jQuery (Lightbox2, Dynamic Drive's FadeInSlideshow and Lazyload plugins), Google Web Fonts, and custom CSS for IE (yes I feel compelled to call this out as you all know how IE likes to handle things differently and solving those problems is important, and I did them).

Visit his site here -

Live site screenshots
 What follows is the visual mockups (from oldest to newest) and then the wireframes (from oldest to newest).

In the visual mockups I only provide one image but in each different version I provided a different image. When shown to the client I provided multiple images on the homepage to emulate the slideshow feel of the homepage.
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