Macy's had a lot of older profiles with out of date information. We were tasked with finding a quick and easy way to update this info. We were given less than a week to research and implement the solutions. Solution was also responsive.
The normal sign-in screen.
Upon sign in, if the system sees that their credit card was expiring the customer would receive this notice. They then had the option to continue on or by clicking the "update" button they would be routed to Macy's secure credit card update page.
Macy's had a bunch of older profiles with emails that returned as unavailable. Upon sign-in with one of these accounts Macy's would now request an update.
Similar to above, if a customer had an account but had never received promotion emails Macy's could ping them upon sign-in to update and opt-in.
Again, similar to above. If Macy's had old information in their system that they needed updating the customer would be pinged upon sign-in.
A simple thanks before routing to the page the customer was at before sign-in.
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