My team had a week to research and implement ways to increase profile signups. Our final solutions are below. All were responsive and all were launched as ABY testing for results to then implement at a larger scale at a later date.
This is on order completion. The customer has a minimal amount of information (that is not in the ordering process) to provide and we scrape the rest of the info for the profile from their order. They then receive their discount email for the next order they place.
Same as above, this is just showing the error message placement.
Different visual design of above solution.
This was in the payment step. It dynamically checked their discount and showed it to them in a fancy pretty way to entice them to sign up right there. Customer provides a few more bits of info and it scrapes the rest from the order information.
This was a stripped down version of the dynamic. The main difference is that it wouldn't auto-calculate, it would simply email them the coupon upon order completion.
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