At Facebook I worked on a team that built the tools for recruiters and headhunters. This was all internal facing and top secret so I can't share the work.

Here's a few things I worked on when I was there:

1) We were in charge of the main tool that recruiters used to contact candidates and keep track of communication. I was one of two designers in charge of bringing it from its legacy design to the new FB visual language. We expanded functionality working directly with recruiters making their job more efficient and organized.

2) I personally was in charge of building a headcount tool that enabled managers to transfer employees and open headcount across the entirety of FB.

3) I was also in charge of wireframing, Information Architecture, and design on the @Life benefits internal website. @Life is the central hub for FB employees with questions about benefits and general "life @ facebook" (hence the name, of course) questions.

4) What I CAN share is the logo done for a team within FB that went public with their tool. It's a bit too developery for me to describe so check it out herehere, and here.
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